Meet Paul...

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Paul Careaga

Sr. Loan Officer

NMLS: 133400

Serving the Kitsap Peninsula since 1985.

Paul's professionalism throughout the loan application/approval/closing process was outstanding. He was always very responsive, knowledgeable, articulate in answering my questions. His thoroughness and vigilance kept the schedule on track. Big kudos!

- Julie N.

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Movement Mortgage

Paul Careaga

NMLS: 133400

 Text/Call: (253) 677-4470

"Buying a home is a huge life event.  Finding the right path with the right professional should not be left to chance.  It's why you were referred to me.  Since 1985 I have been helping real estate agents, and their customers reach their goals.  I love my job, and the people I get to work with, it's what drives me. Keep in mind, it's never too early to get started, so give me a call, and let's see what the future has in store."

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Mortgage Minute

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Helping you choose from our most popular loan products.

Boost your savings with a little help from a Down Payment Assistance Program.  Plus, normal income caps do not apply in many areas on the Kitsap Peninsula.

"IT'S Never too early to start planning for your future.  To help you reach your goal of owning a home.  Here are a few, before you apply, Do's & Don'ts, to get you started."   

- Paul

DO keep your employment within the same company or field of work.

DO keep all existing credit card accounts open.

DO pay off collections, judgments or tax liens reported within the past year.

DO provide any documentation for satisfied collections, judgments or tax liens. 

DO hang onto your pay stubs, banking statements and W-2's.

DO call Paul before beginning the home buying process.

DON'T apply for new credit of any kind.

DON'T consolidate debt to one or two credit cards.

DON'T max out or overcharge existing credit cards.

DON'T pay-off any revolving or installment debt without speaking to your Loan Officer first.